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The company

A chemical industrial corporation with a staff of 2,000 individuals, different locations in Europe and the US. Manufacturing a complex product, i.e. ink for printing machines.



In one of its European plants (400 individuals), an engineer specialized in calibrating the machines, who has been an expert for a number of years, is named in charge of the Measurement Lab, a critical department for the plant's Quality process.
He is very grateful.

Yet, 8 months later, he experiences huge management issues with his team of 5 individuals.

The DHR solicits the help of a Consultant.



Have this individual complete an InterQualia Assessment.


Review the output one-on-one.


With the individual's consent, share the results with the DHR.




  • PRACTICAL DIAGNOSIS: The individual is not cut out for leadership, which makes him anxious. A Management Training was planned, but seems pointless, as he will never be a good leader.
  • The DHR discusses this with the Plant Manager, who is very surprised and frustrated: "I can't believe this!", then speaks to the Consultant.
  • 10 days later, the individual quits his job because he can't take it anymore… The Plant Manager realizes what happened. The entire team then completes an InterQualia Assessment.




Year 1: The function is reorganized and adjustedbased on the individual's, and everyone else's, talents

: he now focuses on technical leadership and is no longer required to make management decisions.

Year 2: Theteam is relieved

and the individual is totally in the "flow".

The InterQualia approach:

can helpcorrect a misunderstanding on an individual's part, while maintaining expertise: respect, well-being and performance go hand-in-hand.
is cost-effective as it saves the cost, and the risk for the Quality process, of recruiting a senior manager