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The company

An international corporation with 4,000 individuals is a manufacturer of anti-tampering security systems. The business is successful on the economic front.



The Human Resources department includes 30 individuals across different locations. It is faced with several issues:
  • Different cultures

  • Diverse team and poorly defined organization

  • Personal conflicts

Prompted by the Training Leader, the DHR hires a Consultant.



Develop both the

organizational and human diagnosis.

Have 10 members of the team complete an individual InterQualia Assessment

and carry on with a few interview questions; anonymity is maintained in order to build trust.

Review the outputs of the Individual Assessment

and perform the Team Assessment.

Finally, use Berne's Organizational Theory

to gain an in-depth understanding of the organization.



  • According to the diagnosis:
- Tasks are not clearly defined.
- There is a feeling of uneasiness; some individuals are affected, while others are not.
  • Two seminars for reviewing the output of the diagnosis and defining action and follow-up plans.
  • A few individual coachings are planned over one year.
  • A bilateral mediation effort is made between two individuals.



Year 1: practical discussions "grown up talk",

and work on "boundaries" is initiated.

Task allocation is then adjusted

based on InterQualia's framework, recognized by all.

Emotional health prevails in the HR department

, people are obviously doing well.

Year 2: the Marketing department (35 people) sees positive change

and requests that the same work be done.

The InterQualia approach resulted in a common culture, where everyone understands "who does what together" and relationships are more relaxed.