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The company

A large, upscale international corporation, operating in over 70 countries as a famous brand, based on product quality and technical sophistication + selective distribution, with a "service philosophy" of customization and customer satisfaction.



A new Manager is put in charge of a landmark shop for the brand, in a European capital city.

He is an expert in upscale retail distribution

; however, 2 months after taking the position, he realizes "things are not right".
He still doesn't know the members of his team of 8 individuals, but thinks "something needs to be done quickly".

The Manager hires an outside Consultant.



perform an individual InterQualia Assessment

for each team member.

 perform the team assessment,


 share the results

at a one-day working seminar.



Team Assessment: the diagnosis

  • The Manager's senior assistant keeps the tasks she likes to herself, and leaves the rest to the other team members.
  • The feeling of dissatisfaction and uneasiness is unanimous.
  • The assistant is not aware of the effect her behavior has on others.

Seminar: the outcome.

Working seminar: the assistant is made aware of the pressures she has been creating, and "makes amends". The team members express their views and work on a new organization that takes everyone's expectations into account.

Coaching: implementation

The coach can then make this situation more constructive.



 The team is relieved,

and starts sympathizing with the assistant.

 A change of dynamics

has taken place since the seminar.

 The new Manager is building and strengthening his leadership

as a direct result of his actions.

InterQualia uses a powerful approach to identify the root causes and correct dysfunctions that have persisted for several years.