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The company

A small, national wholesale hardware manufacturer and distributor with 14 staff members.



The company's boss just lost his most valuable associate.

Recruiting for the small business he runs with his two sons proves to be a challenge for him.

He consistently feels resistance from his sons, who were trained in hardware through apprenticeships. He is also a self-taught manager.

The relational context is a sensitive one, and conflicts are recurrent.




Using the InterQualia Assessment to help draft the job description of the associate to be replaced.




The boss and his sons individually complete the InterQualia Assessment.




Their strengths and aspirations emerge.


The boss is made aware of his management mistakes,

and agrees to discuss the matter again with his sons.

The associate's profile naturally takes shape

from the talent gaps and skills requirements identified. The future associate's arrival is dealt with constructively, taking his talents into account as well. His onboarding is facilitated and optimized.

The situation is resolved

, management is relieved.