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"Flow is good for business and for people"

or how to innovate in terms ofperformance and quality of life at work?
Based on the latest discoveries in neurosciences, the level of happiness at work depends on our emotional health. For Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, one of the founders of positive psychology, good emotional health depends on a specific emotional state that produces both performance and well-being, i.e. the state of "Flow".

The concept of "Flow" is unique in the sense that it meets both the needs of organizations (commitment, creativity, performance, resistance to stress) and individuals (self-esteem, recognition, enjoyment, sense of fulfillment).
As a Manager, HR leader, or Consultant, and regularly ask yourself:
  • How can I find (new) meaning and create opportunities for commitment?
  • How can I identify and unlock talent to increase creativity and performance?
  • How can I assess the level of well-being and prevent occupational stress?
  • How can we develop a culture of excellence by balancing enjoyment and performance?
As coaches, you want to empower your coaching to support your clients through issues such as:
  • Finding (new) meaning and motivation in my work?
  • How to develop or (re)focus professionally?
  • How to become more efficient while maintaining the right balance?

Discover an innovative and practical approach to increasing performance and enjoyment at work.