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Integrate the concept of emotional health to your organization's operations.




The InterQualia Emotional Health Assessment Certification (team) is a professional training for InterQualia certified practitioners (individual) who wish to acquire a specialization in order to act upon the emotional health of teams.
InterQualia Certified Practitioner
The InterQualia Certified Practitioner designation is obtained after achieving the level 1 (individual) certification. Level II (team) is a specialization option.
Enable attendees to gain the knowledge and know-how required to independently use the emotional health approach and related tool, i.e. the emotional health InterQualia® Team Assessment, with their teams, as part of their professional practice.
Target Audience
InterQualia certified practitioners (individual) who wish to acquire an emotional health specialization to be used with teams.
Content Overview
Agenda – Day 1

The team's emotional health

  • Collective skills.
  • Steps required to build a teams.
  • The principle of emotional contagion.
  • Managing the team's emotional health.

Supporting the team

  • Roles of the different players of a team assessment.
  • Building the InterQualia® Team Assessment.
  • Case study.
  • Useful tips to perform a Team Assessment efficiently and ethically.

Analyzing the results of an InterQualia Team Assessment

  • Assessing the team's emotional health.
  • The intrinsic causes of that state of emotional health.
  • The extrinsic causes of that state of emotional health.
  • The assessment's code of ethics.

From diagnosis to dialogue to implementing an action plan

  • Useful tips to initiate a constructive dialogue when reviewing outputs.
Agenda – Day 2

Performed on a real team

  • Implementation process.
  • Developing recommendations for the team leader.
  • Output to the leader.
  • Output to the team.
Fees for the InterQualia Certification
The cost of an InterQualia Team Assessment Certification Training is 2,600 CHF, including:
  • 2 days of training
  • Learning materials
  • One assessment to be used by attendees with their own clients.
Once certified, the attendees will, at no additional cost, get help from InterQualia's support service for any technical, scientific or marketing questions.
Luigi Saitta is managing partner of neoconsult and is involved, with the InterQualia team, with the development of applications of the Flow concept within businesses. He is a licensed instructor certified in the InterQualia Assessment for Europe.