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Combining enjoyment and performance at work

Professional Business Coaching

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Give back meaning to every individual's work and ensure your associates are happy on a daily basis



Gather an engaged and motivated team to meet everyday challenges




Create an efficient workgroup where solidarity is key to reaching common goals



When quality of life at work



Following our diagnosis, various actions are taken, as a group or individually.
Your associates are driven and eager to be part of the collective success.

The purpose of your business coach



The work assigned to associates on a daily basis should be aligned with their skills and aspirations.
The resulting enthusiasm is crucial to achieving the desired performance.

A team of multidisciplinary experts, for

an efficient response to every issue


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Founder & Partner

With an engineering degree and a Masters in Marketing, trained in leadership at INSEAD in France, IMD in Switzerland and Ashridge in the United Kingdom...
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Initially trained in sociology of organizations, followed by training in systemic analysis and team coaching from ICD, with experience...

Practical, quick, and sustainable

With an extensive operational experience, 3 Consultant coaches are available to quickly develop a custom diagnosis for you.
Constantly tracking enhancements in career development, they fully identify all types of situations and get involved at all levels of the organization.
Your coaches have an in-depth knowledge of the way humans function to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Broad Spectrum

Our 3 Consultants act as coaches, and deliver 3 types of engagements in multicultural environments: advisory, training, and coaching, on an individual and/or team basis.
In four languages: English, French, Italian and German.
With their industry and services backgrounds, they provide support by using their know-how, agility and enterprise flexibility in many areas: trades, distribution, multinationals, global organizations, universities, public authorities, healthcare…

LEADERSHIP: resources & conferences


From the general concept of leadership to emotional intelligence as a capability:
all the drivers required to achieve balance between quality of life and performance at work through video.

What inspires us these days


" Management is considered successful when associates are happy at work, i.e. they enjoy doing their job, within their organization, with the people they work with...
It's not icing on the cake, it's not food for the soul, it's not philanthropy, it's at the core of what you do. "
André Comte-Sponville

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