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We live in a world where the increasing rate of change results in growing complexities both at the organizational and human relationship levels.

Organizations are faced with a loss of meaning and bearings, uncertainties and insecurities, which can cause dysfunctions within your teams, i.e. the scattering of energy, tensions, conflicts, and burn-out.

Our Vision

In dealing with these issues, we are driven by a virtuous circle of growth based on economic and social performance. The latter can only be achieved through commitment and people development.

That is why we are committed to enhancing the quality of work life in response to the three basic human needs:
  • The need for stimulation, which answers the question “Am I alive?”
  • The need for recognition, which answers the question “Do I exist for others?”
  • The need for structure, which answers the question “Where do I fit in?”

Our Mission

neo from the Greek meaning “new” and the Latin meaning “change”, where we support organizations in constantly addressing challenges as they evolve.
We combine our three capacities – Advisory, Training and Coaching – to enable and build customized solutions with our clients by working on:
The structure
We provide diagnostics to identify the major roadblocks and issues in order to release and leverage energies towards the desired outcomes.
We help leaders and their teams turn their resistance into commitment by unleashing their collective intelligence.
We develop people’s potentials by creating optimal working experience conditions through the “Flow@work” approach.


Our values

Shared Ownership
A successful change is above all people-based, and depends on the organization’s capacity to capitalize on co-workers’ natural engagement to being true change agents, while developing their accountability and interdependence.

Focused on hearing and understanding our clients’ issues, we continuously develop and innovate by building real, operational solutions.

Our actions are based on a sustainable and systemic organizational and Talent development framework, which combines performance and quality of life.