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Strengthen your teams' internal synergies
Our mission is to provide you with a custom solution that takes your issues and specific needs into account, ultimately helping you reach your change objectives.

Team Support


From divergence... to convergence...
...or how to go from operating on an individual basis to operating as a group.

The life of a work team goes through phases that alternate between mutual observation, getting your bearings, weathering the storm and, of course, pleasure and momentum when there is a virtuous spiral and the team is performing well.
When your team needs to reinforce its internal synergy, we can support you and respond in a practical way to help you:
  • Clarify its vision, its strategy.
  • Reinforce its cohesiveness in times of crisis, destabilization or high pressure.
  • Deal with a difficult situation.
  • Implement operational rules.
Our Services
Our mission is to enable you to reach your change objectives. Together, we will develop a tailored response, while supporting you and your team, taking into account your own issues and specific needs. Our custom responses are based on a sustained approach:
  • A preliminary, thorough diagnosis of the issues and team profile.
  • The ability to define, with the entire team, the goals to be achieved as part of this effort.
  • Solid team dynamic tools and standards (psychometric and systemic tools).
  • Group and/or individual action plans.
  • Follow-up workshops or one-on-one coaching to support the implementation of decisions/action plans.
Target Audience
Leaders and their teams who wish to achieve cooperation and a shared sense of ownership within the team.
These responses enable:
  • Your team: to accelerate their common work processes, reach a high level of cohesiveness and a strong overall performanc, to optimally fulfill the assigned tasks.
  • Team members: personally experience progress in their own motivation, commitment, growth and performance.
Types of responses
Team coaching: sustainably maximize a team's effectiveness through greater involvement of all its members in reaching goals, while capitalizing on their talents.
Team cohesiveness: unlock the team's working relationship by strengthening the bonds and sense of belonging of its members for an enhanced group performance.
Team building: promote motivation within a new or transitioning team.