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Founder & Partner, neoconsult

After getting an engineering degree and a Masters in Marketing, Luigi Saitta pursued his journey with a leadership training at INSEAD in France, IMD in Switzerland and multiculturalism at Ashridge, in the United Kingdom.
He held various management functions in the telecommunications, automation and energy industries.
Building on the research efforts of Mihalyi Csikzentmihalyi in the US, and Charles-Henri Amherdt, a Swiss-Canadian, he led a number of consulting and training engagements based on the concept of emotional health.
Today, with the InterQualia team, he is involved in developing applications of the concept of Flow in businesses. He is a certified instructor for training and certifying in the InterQualia Assessment. He is a speaker and author of several articles on emotional health in businesses.
His areas of expertise are leadership, the relationship between emotions and activities, team cohesion, recruiting, and individual/team coaching.


Partner, neoconsult

A partner at neoconsult, with 20 years of professional experience as a Human Resources development specialist and talent management in industrial, services and public organizations.
With a Masters in Social Sciences (Organizational Studies), she was then trained in coaching (PCC: Professional Coach Certified – ICF), team coaching, and Systemic Analysis.
Passionate about the human potential, she supports managers and teams in dealing with change, both on a personal and collective level. She commits to her clients for a sustainable performance that is not about "working harder, but working better" for a better quality of life at work.

Emmanuel JEGER

Partner, neoconsult

A partner at neoconsult, Emmanuel Jeger spent part of his career with large corporations, small businesses, and telecom startups. With an engineering degree, along with an MBA, he held different positions in this field, from R&D to business, both nationally and internationally.

Team development, project management, and negotiating in multicultural environments have led him to gain a particular interest in integrating the human and economic dimensions.
For the past 8 years, he has facilitated and led groups of business managers on topics such as team management, leadership, communication and team cohesion. He also supports managers in individual coaching processes.